Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week at a Glance

 Below are some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week.

September 12
Day 4
Students may bring water bottles to school. They will come home on Friday to be washed and can be returned on Monday.
Lower School Chapel, Spanish, Music
*Spelling Homework
September 13
Day 5

Library, Spanish, P.E.
*Math and Spelling Homework
September 14
Day 6

P.E., Music, Religion
*Spelling Homework
September 15
Day 1

Art, Spanish
*Math and Spelling Homework
September 16
Day 2
Happy Birthday, Caitlin (16th) and Lucinda (18th)!  
Music, P.E.
*Students will go to the Homecoming Coronation at 2:15pm
*Non-uniform Day!

This Week’s Learning Focus:
Reading: We will continue to practice Reader’s Workshop routines and norms.
We are building independent and partner reading stamina.
I will also be meeting with individual students to assess reading abilities using a reading assessment called QRI. It will help me recognize each child’s strengths as a reader and areas he/she needs to continue to develop. I will be communicating the results with you at conferences in October. 

Writing: We launched Writer’s Workshop on Friday. We are learning how to tell meaningful stories. Students brainstormed ideas for a personal narrative and began writing their first piece in second grade. They are doing very well! We have a room of natural authors!
This week, we will continue to practice routines and norms as well as learn to stretch out our stories using details. Your child will be receiving a “Tiny Topics” notepad. This will be a place for him/her to jot down story ideas. It will be in your child’s briefcase each night as we work on this unit. This is not homework, but rather, a place to store ideas as as they come to mind.

Spelling: We will be introducing a new class word sort this week. Please use the sort guide for homework activities. This will help your child learn the new concepts and practice for Friday’s test. We are reviewing short and long vowels (a and i).

Math: Students are continuing to learn about place value. Math homework will be coming home for the first time this week.

Upcoming Reminders:
*Homecoming is this Saturday. The Blessing of the Animals ceremony begins at 11:00am. It will be followed by a BBQ lunch and the football game. Go Mustangs!
*Picture day is Monday, Sept. 19th
*The Children’s Museum is coming to school to teach us about communities on Sept. 21st.

We look forward to another great week!

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