Monday, September 19, 2016

Week at a Glance

Below are some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week.
September 19
Day 3
*Smile, it’s Picture Day!
P.E., ½ Spanish
*Spelling Homework
September 20
Day 4

Chapel, Spanish, Music
*Math and Spelling Homework
September 21
Day 5
* Museum-to-Go Class: Community Faces and Places
½ Spanish, P.E.
*Science and Spelling Homework
September 22
Day 6

P.E., Music
*Math and Spelling Homework
September 23
Day 1
½ Spanish

This Week’s Learning Focus:
Reading: We will finish reading assessments this week. Once the students know their independent reading levels, we will review how to select “good fit” books for becoming stronger readers. We will also review decoding strategies to use when we encounter a tricky word. We will talk about finding clues in the pictures, stretching out words to hear all of the sounds, chunking a word to find small words/patterns within it, skipping the word to use context clues and then going back to reread it, and flipping the vowel sounds.
o   At home, please encourage your child to use these strategies when he/she approaches a tricky word. You can ask, “Coaching or Time?” Your child has heard this in class. It allows him/her to decide if he/she wants clues to solve it or if he/she simply needs a bit more time before being coached or told the word.
o   “Good fit” reading books will start coming home next week. If your child enjoys reading books from home, that’s great! They do not have to select a book from the classroom, but they are encouraged to be reading every night.

Writing: We will continue to focus on narrative stories. We will begin to craft powerful endings and reread like detectives to make sure our writing makes sense and sounds right.

Spelling: This will be our last whole class sort. We are learning when to use –ck, -ke, -k at the end of a word. Please continue to do the same weekly activities. Differentiated spelling sorts will begin coming home next week. I will be sending a note home to inform you of the spelling homework changes.

Math: In math, try writing numbers in the hundreds and even thousands. Discuss the place and value of each digit. What if the digits were in a different place? How would the number change? (Would it be greater or lesser?) Also review adding and subtracting facts to twenty. How fast are you? We will be starting "Sprints" and challenging ourselves before adding into the hundreds and possibly thousands. Whew!

History: We have been building our classroom community. We will now be discussing and learning more about what makes up different types of communities. We will look at how communities are busy, complex, and require everyone to work together.

Science: We are learning about BOTANY. It's a great word to look up in the dictionary and discuss as a family. Also be observant scientists. Do you notice flowers in the neighborhood, in the fields, etc. What do they look like? How many parts can you name? Are there any creatures nearby? Talk about the beauty and the importance of flowers.
o      *** For homework on Wednesday, observe flowers or a garden in your neighborhood. Sketch your favorite flowers and write a few sentences about what you noticed.

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