Monday, October 3, 2016

Below are some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week.

October 3
Day 1
*Mustang Clubs Begin 3:30-5:00pm

*Spelling Homework – No Excuse Words
October 4
Day 2
Skating starts today!
Students need skates, helmets, and snow pants or thick sweatpants to wear over their uniforms.
Music, P.E.
All School Chapel
*Math and Spelling Homework  
October 5
Day 3

P.E., ½ Spanish
October 6

Parent Teacher Conferences
Students in Pre-K-1-2 do not attend conferences.
Students in Grades 3-4 are expected to attend and participate.

October 7

 Parent Teacher Conferences
Students in Pre-K-1-2 do not attend conferences.
Students in Grades 3-4 are expected to attend and participate.

This Week’s Learning Focus:
Reading: We will continue to meet in guided reading groups. As a whole class, we will be tuning into interesting vocabulary as well as practicing cross checking and check for understanding as we read.

Writing: The authors in Room 18 are hard at work. This week, we will be using a writing checklist to help set goals. The goals may be to complete a certain amount of pages, or finish one piece by a certain date and begin another. Writers can also set goals to strengthen particular skills like crafting powerful beginnings or endings, write with more details, or stretch out important parts of their story. Be sure to ask your child what he/she is working towards. 

Spelling: It’s a short week, so your child will not bring home a new spelling sort. Rather, he/she will bring home a list of “no excuse” words to practice. These are words the children need to spell correctly by the end of 2nd grade. Please refer to the Spelling Menu for activities if you are needing some ideas. The class will also have a grammar lesson on their, there, and they’re. There will not be a spelling test at the end of this week. 

Math: We will be working on addition and subtraction quick math for digits 0-20. Students will also be using triple digit numbers to practice addition without regrouping.

Social Studies: We are almost done with our community maps. The children are working hard and it’s evident in their projects. We are excited for you to see them at conferences this week.
Last month, the word, citizenship was introduced at community meeting. We have been discussing this word throughout our community unit as well as during class time when discussing classroom expectations. The class will be completing a poster to reflect on how we are all good citizens in our classroom.

Upcoming Reminders:
*Thank you to all of the volunteers helping with tying skates!
*Students should wear their C.A.R.E. shirts on 10/11
*Math Night is on 10/18 at 6:30PM
*No School on 10/20 and 10/21
*Halloween costume day is 10/31

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