Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pumpkin Math

Last Friday, Room 18 took part in a longstanding 2nd grade tradition at Breck: PUMPKIN MATH!! 

Each child was given a pumpkin and rotated to four stations (circumference, weight, segments and float) in the 1-2 Commons, each focusing on a different math element. Students were to make a prediction for each of the following questions at each station and then measure, weigh, count to find out the actual answer.  

  • What is the circumference of your pumpkin?
  • How much does your pumpkin weigh (pounds and kilograms)?
  • How many segments (lines) does your pumpkin have?
  • How many seeds to do you think are inside? (we learned in a book we read that the number of segments on the outside of a pumpkin equals the number of lines of seeds on the inside.)
  • Does your pumpkin float?

Once these questions were answered and recorded, students transitioned back into the room and parent volunteers and Mrs. Wright cut the tops off. Students then went to town scooping out the goop, as well as separating out their seeds. 

Their last math and creative challenge took place on Monday. The math challenge was to count how many seeds their pumpkin had inside. Each student had ten tiny cups and three larger ones (more were handed out if necessary). 10 seeds went into each of the tiny cups and when 10 tiny cups were filled, students emptied them into one of the larger cups, which would then equal 100. This was the method of their counting madness and soon brought almost all of them to the actual number of seeds inside their pumpkin. The student with the most seeds was 568! The creative challenge took place at the Halloween celebration. Each student had an opportunity to decorate his/her pumpkin.

These activities made for an exciting two days of combined math and science! 

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