Monday, November 14, 2016

Week at a Glance

Below are some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week.

November 14
Day 3
Happy Birthday, Anna R.!
Chess Club
Heritage Dolls Due November 21st

P.E. and ½ Spanish
*Spelling and Math Sprints Homework
November 15
Day 4

Chapel, Spanish, Music
* Spelling and Math Homework
November 16
Day 5

Library, ½ Spanish, P.E.
*Math Homework
November 17
Day 6

P.E., Music
*Spelling and Math Homework
November 18
Day 1
Pajama Day! 
(Reward for achieving the Breck Scares Hunger goal)
Hour of Code from 8:35-9:05am
½ Spanish

This Week’s Learning Focus:
Reading: We are beginning to wrap up our study of story elements. This week, we will be identifying the beginning (characters and setting), rising action, climax, falling action, and the story’s resolution. We will be using a roller coaster as a visual when identifying these important story elements.

Writing: We are learning that writers can help each other. The students will be working with a partner to ask questions and check to see if their writing is clear, meaningful and as well crafted as it can be. Earlier in this unit, students set a writing goal. They will be reviewing the goals with their partners and noting whether or not they each met it. If not, what can they do to revise or edit their work in order to achieve it?  

Spelling: A new spelling sort will be coming home on Monday. Please make sure all of your child’s spelling homework is completed in his/her spelling notebook. Thursday evening, please make sure your child is gluing the sort into his/her notebook.

Math: In math we continue to practice story problems and equations using subtraction and regrouping. The students have gotten very good when regrouping with two-digits, and regrouping three-digits from the tens to the ones place. It has been much more of a challenge for most of our second graders to regroup in the hundreds and in multiple places. The best way to understand this concept is by using our base ten blocks and having the students manipulate the regrouping process while solving story problems and equations. Pictorial representation of the base ten blocks is also a good bridge between the hands on manipulation of base ten and the abstract number exchange. This week we will dive into regrouping when using zeros. Please be patient with your second grader. They are really moving along steadily with this concept, but it is not one to rush. Our next challenge is what Math In Focus calls, “Bar Modeling.”

Science: In science, we have planted our pumpkin seeds and they are starting to sprout. Students enjoyed the pumpkin activities so much that it was hard to throw out leftover seeds. We put seeds into Baggies, watched some sprout and some mold. Several students have washed and dried their seeds for more planting, while others took theirs home and many trashed them. It is interesting to see the connection between the rotten seeds and composting in the garden that our students are now making. We have focused observations and thoughtful questions. This has been a fun time to study the growing cycle. The warm weather even has us wondering if our tulips out in the Secret Garden will start to sprout now and not wait for spring. Ask your child about how Frog and Toad get their garden to grow.

Upcoming Reminders:
*Grandparents Day responses need to be emailed to by Nov. 16th if you would like it to be included in the Grandparents Day Chapel.
*Heritage Dolls are due November 21st.
*Grandparents Day is November 23rd! School will be dismissed at Noon.

*No school Thursday, November 24th – Monday, November 28th.

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