Monday, November 21, 2016

Week at a Glance

Below are some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week.

November 21
Day 2

P.E., Music
*Handwriting and Math Homework
November 22
Day 3
Happy Birthday, Katie!
P.E., ½ Spanish
*Math Homework
November 23

Grandparents’ Day!
November 24

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25

No school

This Week’s Learning Focus:

Reading: Students will be focusing on their independent reading goals this week. 

Writing: Second grade authors are busy preparing their books for publishing.

Spelling: Practice “no excuse” words this week. A new sort will come home after the break.  

Math: We have started Bar Modeling. It is another visual tool for learning to compare numbers and solve story problems. When homework includes Bar Modeling, just see what your child can do. Don’t worry if you are not clear, yet. This is a process. Other homework options are to continue with IXL practice. Many students have improved their Sprint scores by practice basic facts in IXL. Feel free to try level D and section L, which are mixed operations of addition and subtraction. Some parents have asked for clarification about math homework and what to expect so here is a general guideline:

Monday: Math Review and IXL
Tuesday: Math In Focus/Practice from workbook
Wednesday: Math Game or activity to practice basic facts (for fun and optional)
Thursday: Math In Focus/Practice from workbook
No Homework: Over the weekend and on holidays (sometimes students enjoy IXL)

Science: In science, we are doing an integrated math-science lesson on cranberries. Since Americans consume about 80 million pounds at Thanksgiving, it is an important fruit in our Thanksgiving tradition. Cranberry growing not only has a special connection to our botany lessons, but they began growing in glacial deposits formed over 10,000 years ago. Glaciers are a special connection to last year’s geology lessons. Our students love special connections. They will soon learn that Wisconsin is the number one state for cranberry growing and we have our own Cranberry Princess in room 18!

Upcoming Reminders:
*No school Thursday, November 24th – Monday, November 28th.

*Field trip to The Landing on Dec. 1st

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