Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Writing Celebration

Second grade writers have finished their informational books and the writing unit titled Lab Reports and Science Books, during which students learned about information writing that scientists are apt to do. We were introduced to force, motion and friction! During Writer's Workshop, children often divided their time between engaging in experiments and writing for the purposes that scientists write.

During the final portion of the unit, children wrote informative/explanatory texts in which they introduced a topic, used facts and definitions to develop points, and provided a concluding statement, all in order to teach others what they have learned. Students in Room 18 wrote about topics such as basketball, figure skating, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, camping, biking, dancing and more! Reading their books over the past several weeks has been SO delightful!

Last week, we had a publishing celebration with Mrs. Merrill's class. Children read their books to other second graders... they should be proud of their great work!!

In our next unit, we will be learning how to share an opinion and support an opinion. 


In science, we continue to look at plants and trees. We are thinking about the word INTERDEPENDENCE and how we need plants and they need us. We also are thinking about the pollinators that help to spread plants with pollen. We had another visitor from the Arboretum come to our classroom. She shared about sunflowers, and their special features. We planted sunflowers and have them growing under our grow lamp. We also have some seeds we can send home to plant around Mother’s Day! Finally, the students are excited that our tulips are blooming in the secret garden. They have been dormant all winter. We have red, orange, and yellow blossoms. We are finding a lot of success as botanists!

Monday, April 24, 2017

My House

As part of a Social Studies unit, we are learning about communities, geography, and mapping. We are working on a project that includes a "My House" section. I invite all families to snap a quick picture of your child standing in front of your home and email it to me. I will print it, and make sure it is the correct size. I appreciate your help on this. 

Thanks so much,
Mrs. Strohschein 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weisman Art Museum

On Friday, we visited the Weisman Art Museum with Mrs. Grams and Mrs. Thorn's class. We observed, questioned, and thought about how various pieces made us feel. A favorite was Pedicord Apts. Thank you to our parent volunteers for joining us and to Mrs. Grams for organizing it. If your family is looking for a nice weekend activity, I would highly recommend visiting this museum. 
We enjoyed it! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week at a Glance

Below are some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week.

April 17
Day 4

Seder Meal, Spanish, Music, P.E.
*Math IXL and Spelling Homework
April 18
Day 5

Library, ½ Spanish, P.E.
*Math and Spelling  Homework
April 19
Day 6

P.E., Music
*Math Homework
April 20
Day 1

Field Trip to the Weismann Art Museum (AM)
Field Trip at Breck with the Landscape Arboretum (PM)

Tornado drill  
Math and Spelling Homework
April 21
Day 2

 3D Printing Presentation for 2nd Grade! J

Music, P.E.

Looking Ahead:
*April 25th: LS Art Reception, 3:30-4:30PM in the Chapel Gallery
* May 11th: Field Trip to Stages Theatre
May 19th: Field Day and BBQ

*May 29th: No School, Memorial Day
* May 31st: 2 S/W Portfolio Presentation, 8:45-9:45AM